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Locked down in Louisiana's high security women's prison is Josie, the only person alive who knows where a stash of stolen diamonds is hidden. Desperate to learn the location of the jewels, police send Lee, a beautiful undercover officer, into the jail posing as an inmate. Lee stages a breakout in hopes that Josie's gang will lead her to the treasure. The fugitives plunge into the steamy Louisiana bayou, a deadly wilderness filled with snakes and crocodiles. Lee's plan for recovering the diamonds becomes a fight for survival, as the girls turn on each other and the alligators close in. Swamp Women is an early low budget effort from director Roger Corman and filmed (like most of his B-pictures) in a matter of days. Featuring the feisty and exciting presence of scream queen Beverly Garland and production by Bernard Woolner (Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman), Swamp Women is a bad-girl flick filled with gals in cut-off shorts, cat fights, menacing gators and lots of snappy dialogue amid genuine Louisiana bayou locations. Mike "Touch" Connors later went on to star in the TV series "Mannix." Marie Windsor's long career spanned the gamut of acting roles from The Fighting Kentuckian with John Wayne and Stanley Kubrick's The Killing to the cult classic Cat Women of the Moon.

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