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While knights usually slay dragons, a would-be hero tries to save the world by keeping a dragon alive in this adventure fantasy. In ancient times, Geoff (Christopher Masterson), a young man who works as a stable boy, wants to prove himself by becoming a knight. Geoff trains on his own, diligently but with little success. However, he gets an unexpected assist when he discovers Drake (voice of Robby Benson), a young dragon, trapped in a dungeon. Drake teaches the aspiring knight a few lessons about bravery and loyalty, and in turn, Geoff gives Drake a few tips on how to fly. But an evil knight with dreams of ruling the world discovers a magic formula that will make him all powerful -- and the only ingredient he lacks is the heart of a dragon. Now Geoff and a pair of Chinese travelers steeped in dragon lore must protect Drake before his heart can fall into the wrong hands.

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Special Features * cc Spotlight on Location: The Making of Dragonheart * The Voice of Drake * Animating the dragon * Trailer * Production notes * Cast and filmmakers * Universal web link

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MC87834 Dragonheart: A New Beginning DVD (2000/Robby Benson) $14.98