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Myron Stackpoole is a super-genius mad scientist. He is also a humongous head w/ a tiny body. He lives w/ his giant, incredibly strong brother, Otis, his bug-eyed brother, Wheeler; and his voluptuous sister, Ernestina (yowza!). Myron controls the actions of his three siblings through his titanic force of will, and a strong psychic connection between them. This allows Myron to gather supplies and capture fresh victims for his nefarious experiments. Everything is great, until two star-crossed lovers named Lance (Blake Bailey) and Loretta (Jacqueline Lovell) get mixed up w/ the Stackpoole clan. Things get very interesting from there! HEAD OF THE FAMILY is a well-made full moon production. I love the dungeon, the house, the Stackpooles, the biker-guy, the frequent nudity, the love-scenes w/ on-going conversations, the humor, the tribute to Joan of Arc, and the general oddness of it all!

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FUM8006 Head of the Family DVD (1996/Robert Talbot) $9.98