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In the first film we meet a group of Viking women who have been alone since their menfolk disappeared some time ago. Some want to go and search while others want to stay. A vote results in them setting out on the search. But a great sea monster destroys their boat and strands them in a hostile land. There the woman are made captive and find the surviving men of their clan. Can they escape? If they do can they get past the sea monster? In the second film Robert Vaughn is a teenager with a lot of questions. His clan lives in a cave and follow a strict law that forbids them from journeying anywhere even though the surrounding land appear more fertile than their own. When Vaughn convinces some other youths to cross the forbidden river, a power struggle ensues in the clan. Should Vaughn be killed for breaking the law? What will the gods say? What about the God Who Kills With a Touch?

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LGE19251 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent/Teenage Caveman DVD (1957/58) $14.98 $13.49