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This is the autobiographical drama of a young Dutch Jewish girl hiding from the invading Nazis during World War II. Anne and her family share a claustrophobic attic with another family. Tension is often unbearable, as the people hiding know that their discovery by the enemy could lead to almost certain death at the hands of their captors. They also must contend with the Dutch Gestapo or "Green Police," who will turn them over to the Nazis if discovered. Dutch nationals risk their lives by hiding the family for two years. The group, despite the horror and crowded conditions, still find time for celebrations of Hanukkah and rejoice quietly in the small attic that has become their world. The story is told from the narrative perspective of Anne, a young girl hoping to live to womanhood. The film was nominated for several academy awards and won two for best supporting actress (Shelley Winters) and for cinematography (William Mellor).

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Special Features * Audio commentary with George Stevens, Jr. and Millie Perkins * All new featurettes: * George Stevens in WWII * The making of The Diary of Anne Frank: a son's memories * The Diary of Anne Frank: memories from Millie Perkins and Diane Baker * Shelley Winters and The Diary of Anne Frank * The sound and music of The Diary of Anne Frank * The Diary of Anne Frank: correspondence * Fox movie channel presents fox legacy with Tom Rothman * The Diary of Anne Frank: echoes from the past * Diary of Anne Frank excerpt from George Stevens: a filmmaker's journey * George Stevens press conference * Millie Perkins screen test * Fox movietonews clips * Trailers, interactive pressbook & behind-the-scenes gallery

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