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A selection of rare classic shorts from the 1930s: Strike! You're Out (1936): When the wives go on strike from their housework, the husbands fight back by hiring pretty out-of-work actresses as maids. Stars Russ Brown, Barry Sullivan, The Carlyle Sisters, Buddy Page. Say It With A Song : A mother is determined to get her son an audition with busy producers. Singer Donald Novis was the original Irish tenor on the Fibber McGee & Molly radio show. Kid In Hollywood (1933): When spoiled actress, Snobo, keeps her director endlessly waiting on the set, Morelegs, her understudy, seizes a shot at stardom. Soon-to-be superstar Shirley Temple leads a diaper-clad cast. Stars Shirley Temple. The Road Is Open Again (1933): Dick Powell stars as a songwriter who is visited by presidents Washington and Lincoln in a dream, in this Warner Brothers short produced for the N.R.A. Stars Dick Powell, Alan Dinehart, Charles Middleton. Grey Owl's Little Brother (1937): This Canadian documentary records the amazing friendship between a backwoods man and a beaver. A precursor to the Disney nature documentaries that would become so popular a decade later. Mexico: The rich culture and landscape of America's Southern neighbor is featured in this short subject.

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ALP6710 Classic Shorts of the 30's DVD (Strike! You're Out / Say It With A Song / Kid in Hollywood / The Road is Open Again/ Grey Owl's Little Brother / Mexico) $5.99