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Enticed by his money and prestige, lovely and pure Sylvia Brenner (Constance Bennett) accepts the marriage proposal of her boss, decadent divorce lawyer Gaylord Stanton. The only reason he has proposed to his wallflower secretary is to avoid having to marry his mistress, who has been tightening the matrimonial noose. Stanton immediately whisks his new bride out of site, sending her off alone on a cruise to France. "Marriage" agrees with Sylvia who blossoms into an alluring woman of style and grace. This transformation does not go unnoticed by suave Reginald Durant (Basil Rathbone) who, finding the beautiful Sylvia unattended, begins to exert his considerable romantic charms. Reginald's fervent pursuit presses the passionate young bride's resistance to the breaking point. Sin Takes a Holiday is a alarmingly candid farce of sexual mores run wild featuring a definitive performance by Constance Bennett and brilliantly supported by Basil Rathbone.

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ALP4405 Sin Takes A Holiday DVD (1930/Constance Bennett) $5.99