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MAN IN THE ATTIC In gas-lit London at the turn of the century, the district of Whitechapel is being terrorised by a series of grisly murders involving prostitutes and actresses. Slade (Jack Palance) seems to fit the description of the murderer and lives a mysterious life as lodger in the house belonging to Mr and Mrs Harley (Rhys Williams and Frances Bavier). When the Harleys' showgirl niece Lily Bonner (Constance Smith) comes to stay, Slade's behaviour grows more erratic...and the body-count in Whitechapel rises steadily. A BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER When his little niece dies following an unexplained illness, Whitney Cameron (Joseph Cotten) begins to suspect the child's stepmother Lynne (Jean Peters). The ice-cool society type, Lynne hardly seems a candidate for murder, but when it's revealed she'll inherit the entire family fortune should she outlive her stepchildren, Cam starts to fear for the safety of nephew Doug (Freddy Ridgeway). With the help of his sleuthing friends (Gary Merrill and Catherine McLeod), Cam sets out to trap Lynne using her very own "blueprint" for murder...

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FX2245978 Man In The Attic/Blueprint For Murder DVD (1954/Jack Palance/Joseph Cotten) $9.98