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"Cam Girl" is essentially a one woman show. Layla Randle-Conde portrays the titular lead, a student who makes ends meet by showcasing her ample talents in a racy online venue. For those looking for nudity, much time is spent with her dressing, undressing, or writhing around suggestively on a bed to overpowering music. But as her financial situation becomes more dire, she may have to compromise values she holds dear--and this may just jeopardize her relationship with an over-solicitous online contact. Soon, Randle-Conde is being stalked by an unseen menace and she doesn't have the camera to hide behind anymore! Shot in a tiny apartment with only one character, the film, itself, capitalizes on a voyeuristic webcam feel throughout. Randle-Conde tries valiantly with some success and the moments of emotional drama work nicely. In mortal danger and fear, our Cam Girl brandishes a kitchen knife and flits through the apartment in thigh highs and a leopard print ensemble. You might think she should have thrown on a coat and popped down to the corner pub until help arrived. But then you can make your own movie!

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