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Discover how seven year college senior Van Wilder earned his puckish reputation in this prequel detailing the freshman year high jinks that made history. When Van Wilder (Jonathan Bennett) enrolled in Coolidge College, he had no idea that following in his wealthy father's footsteps would be such a formidable task; the uptight dean has official banned partying on campus, and the student body is too busy studying to fight back. When Van Wilder discovers that every female student on campus has taken a vow of chastity, he declares that no cheerleader will go untouched, and no keg of brew will be left untapped. But freeing Coolidge College from the oppressive shackles of party persecution and sexual malaise won't be easy, and in order to accomplish his mission Van Wilder will have to put his studies on pause, and unleash some serious mischief.

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Special Features * Closed Caption * Commentary with director Glazer and cast * Creating the legend: the making of Van Wilder: freshman year * Going balls out: colossus * Coolidge college: orientation video * Decatur * Teacher's pet * Bloopers * Van's party supplies * Pranks 101!

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PA139874 Van Wilder Freshman Year DVD (2009/Jonathan Bennett/Unrated) $9.99