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A gorgeous but gullible small-town girl grabs for dancing glory in the bright lights of glamorous Hollywood. Lured from her dead-end life by Buzz, a petty hood with a hot car, a gun, and a sister in the "business," pretty young Michele jumps at the chance to live out her dreams of stardom. As the pair ride to L.A., they're joined by a hitchhiking drifter who calls himself Critter. A tense love triangle develops that threatens to unleash the violent passions smoldering just beneath their hip, care-free facade. The seedy side of show biz draws the trio into a dangerous labyrinth of drugs, thugs and tripped-out junkies, where the only dreams that come true are nightmares. Girl In Gold Boots is a glitzy, Sixties drama from one of Hollywood's leading producers of exploitation cinema, Ted V. Mikels. With a cast of unknowns, a handful of original rock songs performed at Hollywood's Haunted House club, and a bevy of bikini-clad go-go dancers, this movie proves that a gold bikini and a killer body can make you a star. Girl In Gold Boots is one of the more mainstream of Mikels' many productions, which include such outrageous low-budget cult classics as The Corpse Grinders, 10 Violent Women, Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils and Astro-Zombies.

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ALP1032 Girl In Gold Boots DVD (1969/Jody Daniel) $5.99