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Cult director Pete Walker's disturbingly effective horror film belongs to the "private prison" subgenre, in which insane sadists abduct typically female innocents and torture them for sport. In this case, however, the mad Mrs. Wakehurst (Barbara Markham) and her senile husband, Justice Bailey (Patrick Barr), are running an entire covert penal institution for sinful women, complete with a pair of similarly dotty guards (Sheila Keith and Dorothy Gordon). Using her clueless son (Robert Tayman), who poses as a man named "Mark E. Desade," as bait, Mrs. Wakehurst lures women whom she considers evil into her huge institutional home. Once captured, they are put in cells, beaten, and murdered for even the slightest infraction. The story is told -- mostly in flashback -- by a French model named Ann-Marie (Penny Irving) who fell for the trap. Despite its nasty reputation, there is only one onscreen whipping (on a church altar) and not very much violence. Instead, Walker and screenwriter David McGillivray convey a rather subtle air of menace that makes House of Whipcord an unexpectedly strong chiller.

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Special Features New, restored high-definition digital transfer (uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition) Two audio commentaries: one featuring Annette Insdorf, author of François Truffaut, and one with actor Gérard Depardieu, historian Jean-Pierre Azéma, and Truffat biographer Serge Toubiana Deleted scene French television excerpts of interviews with Truffaut, and actors Catherine Deneuve, Depardieu, and Jean Poiret New video interviews with actresses Andréa Ferréol, Sabine Haudepin, and Paulette Dubost, assistant director Alain Tasma, and camera assistants Florent Bazin and Tessa Racine A video interview with the celebrated cinematographer Nestor Almendros, detailing his collaborations with Truffaut Une histoire d’eau, Truffaut’s 1958 short film co-directed by Jean-Luc Godard Theatrical trailer New and improved English subtitle translation PLUS: A new essay by Armond White

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