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Seeking revenge for being dropped from the will, a young devil worshiper sends his elderly aunts a special birthday gift that magically transforms them into rabid cannibals. This low-budget horror-comedy centers on the gory nightmare that follows, as the sisters' birthday party turns into a brutal bloodbath.

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Special Features Digially mastered feature presentation Tour of Troma Studios The all new Troma intellegence test II Saucy new scenes and special effects outtakes Rabid interview and special effects demonstration with producer James Dersert Select frames from Troma Comic books Geriatric picture menus Original theatrical trailer for "Rabid Grannies" and other Troma favorites Troma's Edge TV Very special private Troma public service announcements Links to Troma website The Aroma Du Troma

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TTV9970 Rabid Grannies DVD (1989/Caroline Brackman) $9.95