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An escaped convict attacks from the dusky shadows of a dark grove knocking architect David Brent unconscious, and stealing his clothes. Recovering, Brent dons garments from a mysterious package left behind by his assailant and goes to a nearby nightclub. In love with beautiful singer Ruth Porter, the young man invites her to his table where club owner Steve Moran mistakes David for the hunted convict. Having master-minded the risky jailbreak to secure priceless jewels, Moran demands to know where the gems are hidden. Convinced her boss is dangerous, Ruth begs her suitor to stall and pretend he is the prisoner at large. The situation grows desperate when the real fugitive shows up dressed in David's clothes, exposing the charade. Facing certain death, David and Ruth must find a way to escape.

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ALP4863 Convicts At Large DVD (1938/Ralph Forbes) $5.99