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Dark Shadows DVD Set 13 includes episodes 696-735 As a result of being possessed by the ghost of Quentin Collins, David Collins falls into a coma and hovers near death. Barnabas attempts to make contact with Quentin through an I-Ching trance, but instead finds he has traveled back in time almost 100 years when Quentin first lived. In 1897, Barnabas is a vampire once again and introduces himself at Collinwood as a cousin from England. He meets governess Rachel Drummond and is amazed at her resemblance to his long-lost love, Josette. A suspicious Quentin enlists sorcerer Evan Hanley to raise a spirit to combat Barnabas, resulting in the appearance of Angelique, the vengeful witch. After learning he is free from his chained coffin, Angelique resumes her century-old torment of Barnabas. Magda, the gypsy, warns Quentin that he is in grave danger. Edward Collins is shocked when his mysterious, long-absent wife Laura returns for their children.

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