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Dark Shadows DVD Set 12 includes Episodes 656 - 695 When Barnabas sees a mysterious photograph with a silhouette of Victoria Winters hanging from the gallows, he decides he must go back in time to the year 1796 to save her. He attempts to change the course of history, but his efforts are threatened with the appearance of Angelique, the witch. Once again, Barnabas finds himself a victim of the vampire curse. In 1969, Carolyn Stoddard invites Chris Jennings to move into the caretakerís cottage on the Collinwood estate, unaware that he is harboring a dark and deadly secret. Soon afterwards, a werewolf attacks Carolyn in the woods. Meanwhile, Maggie Evans searches for David Collins in the abandoned west wing of Collinwood and is terrified to discover the ghost of Quentin Collins. Professor Stokes is summoned to exorcise the haunted mansion and the Collins family is forced to abandon the estate.

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Special Features Exclusive interviews with actors Jonathan Frid, Denise Nickerson, cameraman Stuart Goodman and former network publicist Les Schecter.

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