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It’s ghoulishly good news for fans of Dark Shadows! The daunting daytime drama, lurks onto DVD once again with the release of Dark Shadows DVD Set 3. The series, set in the small Maine fishing village of Collinsport, revolves around the ghostly goings-on at the Collins’ family estate, Collinwood. The show’s central character Barnabas Collins, the 175 year-old vampire and Don Juan of Draculas, thirsted not only for blood, but also for wholesome, romantic love, and quickly became a pop culture icon.

Barnabas‘ secret is threatened by David Collins‘ curiosity. Anxious to become human again, Barnabas orders Dr. Julia Hoffman to accelerate her treatments to cure him, but the experiment backfires, causing Barnabas to age rapidly and assume the appearance of a 200-year-old man. During a seance at Collinwood to contact the spirit of Barnabas‘ young sister Sarah, Victoria Winters mysteriously disappears and finds that she has travelled back in time to the year 1795.

Dark Shadows DVD Collection 3 includes 40 complete episodes (291-330) on four discs and exclusive interviews with actors Jonathan Frid, Sharon Smyth, Louis Edmonds and director Lela Swift.

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Exclusive interviews with actors Johnathan Frid, Sharon Smyth, Louis Edmonds and director Lela Swift.

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