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A fiery taxi crash in Chicago leaves an unlucky passenger with a minor head injury and a major case of amnesia! Wandering off after the accident with $10,000 cash in his pocket, he mindlessly boards a train bound for New York City. Adrift in the Big Apple, "Jack Doe" (as the police christen him) meets Jane, the beautiful daughter of millionaire Robert Forbes. Jack and Jane fall in love, but Daddy Forbes gives the couple an ultimatum - unless Jack can uncover his true identity in three weeks, the lovebirds must part ways. A mad- cap, cross-country whirl of publicity stunts follows, as the pair try to get Jack's picture in the papers. Only when Jack and Jane arrive in Chicago do the clues accumulate, and they point to a criminal conspiracy to keep Jack's identity a secret. Claude Gillingwater, as irascible Robert Forbes, nearly steals the show, but perky Wendy Barrie and affable Roger Pryor (the "poor man's Clark Gable") hold the center of this unpredictable farce. Roger Pryor had some notoriety in Hollywood following his 1934 performance as Mae West's lover in the ribald and censor-plagued Belle Of The Ball. Wendy Barrie was no stranger to sexy roles, having played the lascivious Jane Seymore in 1932's The Private Lives Of Henry VIII.

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