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With a furious lightning storm menacing outside, Jerry Van Trevor awakens in a strange mansion and realizes that he is being held captive. His kidnapper is the gorgeous and rich Chloe Werrendon assisted by the dapper but smarmy Colton Drain. Jerry has been singled out because of his striking resemblance to his beautiful captor's millionaire husband. Van Trevor is blackmailed by the unscrupulous duo into assisting in their plot to fraudulently secure the tycoon's valuable bonds. Unknown to his assailants, Jerry is anything but a gentleman and much more then they bargained for. Playing by his own set of rules he turns the con-game inside out as he deftly executes a masterful game of deception. The prolific Frank R. Strayer, best known for the poverty row horror classic The Vampire Bat (1933) and later, the Blondie series, has artfully woven a web of deceit into a fast-paced merry-go-round ride with unpredictable plot twists abounding.

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ALP5878 Twin Husbands DVD (1934/Shirley Grey) $5.99