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Since it's still the 1970's,the obligatory `disco-theme' episode is also included. During "Disco Angels", the Angels investigate a killer who seems to be operating near a disco. This episode works well because it turns the then-cultural assumption of the disco as a `happy' and `carefree' place squarely on the head. Bad things unfortunately happen here too--necessitating the Angels's intervention. Naturally, they save the day though! Perpetually best known for the `second Darrin' role in the 1960's `Bewitched', Dick Sargent guest stars as `Marty Cole', a lounge singer with secrets in the two-part season opener. Then, Jamie Lee Curtis plays `Linda', a young woman attempting to win a golf tournament in the era when women's professional sports associations themselves still were starting up, Casey Kasem guests as Tom Rogers' in the same episode . Before playing `Commander William Riker' on `Star Trek: The Next Generation', Jonathan Frakes was `Brad' in this series. Other famous names include Scatman Crothers. These people and their agents understood that the way to be seen in the late 1970's was to put in a guest appearance on this or another very popular show. Of course, the most infamous guest star is Farrah Fawcett--obligated to return to the same series she had earlier left for `better opportunities'--as a `special guest star'. Because her absence was explained in prior episodes by having quit detective work to go off and race cars, Jill Munroe makes her first reappearance in "Angel Come Home" in the context of investigating why an old flame's experimental car which she had been asked to drive blew up. Ironically enough, Stephen Collins (who would later play `Eric Camden' in `7th Heaven') also makes his own guest appearance during this exact same episode.

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