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A group of concerned friends arrive at a remote home to check up a member of the crew that has recently fallen out of touch, only to find themselves face to face with the minions of Satan in this low-budget horror shocker. Ever since Gracie moved in with her new boyfriend, she's been strangely distant. Fearing that their friend has lapsed into addiction, Gracie's pals decide to visit her at home and stage an intervention. But Gracie isn't on drugs - she's become hopelessly entangled in something far more sinister. Gracie used to belong to a cult, and now the members of that cult are determined to bring her back into the fold in order to fulfill a dark prophecy. Now, just as Gracie's friends arrive at her boyfriend's home, the cult members lay siege to the house as their leaders summons the powers of hell in a final bid to enshroud the world in darkness. Will the power of Satan prove too much for these mere mortals to endure, or is there still a chance they could fend off the evil and keep the world safe for all mankind.

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Special Features * Director's Audio Commentary * 30 Minute "Behind The Scenes" Featurette * Interviews with Director and Producer

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