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Bat Masterson rides into lawless Dodge City seeking employment as a reporter and a break from his violent past. When the aging sheriff is shot down in cold blood by one of King Kennedy's hired gunmen, Bat brings the killer to justice and is appointed sheriff. But when Bat and his outlaw rival Kennedy fall in love with gorgeous dancer Dore Hand, it is clear that only an explosion of violence will restore order in Dodge. Stylishly directed by George Archainbaud (Thirteen Women, 1932, The Lost Squadron, 1932), The Woman Of The Town features a stellar cast headed by future Academy Award winner Claire Trevor (Key Largo, 1948). Co-star Albert Dekker had memorable roles in Dr. Cyclops (1940), The Killers (1946), Kiss Me Deadly (1955) and The Wild Bunch (1969). His passion for politics won him a seat in the California State Assembly in 1944. The rousing music score by Miklos Rozsa was nominated for an Oscar.

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ALP5886 Woman of the Town DVD (1943/Claire Trevor) $5.99