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Homicide's sixth season begins with a bang. Three-part premiere "Blood Ties" represents the Peabody Award-winning drama at its best. The ambitious story arc introduces a case that will pit the detectives against a prominent Maryland family--and each other. The Wilson family includes Lt. Giardello's friend, Felix (James Earl Jones), his loyal wife (Lynne Thigpen), and his wayward son (Jeffrey Wright). By the time the case is put to rest, everyone involved will have lost more than they've gained. On the plus side, Pembleton (Andre Braugher) has another baby on the way and Bayliss (Kyle Secor) is about to embark on a relationship--with Dr. Cox (Michelle Forbes).

More changes are on the way. Characters introduced in season 5 will become regulars in season 6: Laura Ballard (Callie Thorne), Stuart Gharty (Peter Gerety), and Paul Falsone (Jon Seda). Culture clashes will commence the moment they step into the squad room. But some things never change and Homicide will continue to boast some of the best acting, writing, and directing on network television. Another standout episode, "The Subway," featuring Vincent D'Onofrio, would even become the focus of a PBS special, Anatomy of a Homicide, which is included with this collection.

The biggest story arc will last the entire season. The squad may have thought that the shooting of Luther Mahoney marked the end of his reign, but they were wrong. Luther had followers, like his steely sister, Georgia Rae (Hazelle Goodman), and her loose-cannon son, Junior (Mekhi Phifer). Kellerman (Reed Diamond) will continue to be dogged by rumors that the shoot wasn't "clean," and the other detectives will start to abandon him, even former flame Cox and ex-partner Lewis (Clark Johnson). The sixth season of Homicide would turn out to be the last for Forbes, Diamond, and Emmy Award-winner Braugher.

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23 episodes on six discs
Commentary by writer James Yoshimura and director Gary Fleder on "The Subway"
Feature-length documentary "Anatomy of a Homicide"
Cast and crew biographies

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