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This documentary profiles Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, the two artists responsible for the Disney style of animation. The two close friends are responsible for making 23 feature during their 40 years at Disney. Films include Snow White, Bambi and Pinnochio. Together they were a perfectly complimentary pair. Frank was analytical and Ollie intuitive. It is also interesting that their personal lives closely paralleled each other.

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On the features front, as the package says, there's over 70 minutes of bonus material! First off is the "Making the Movie" featurette, narrated by director Theodore Thomas (son of Frank). Featuring a classic home movie from the family along with charming behind-the-scenes footage, this eight-minute extra succeeds in delivering additional insight into the production through the perspective of a family member growing up around such inspiring circumstances. Next up is the Early Days section, where both Frank and Ollie's debut animations await the viewer in addition to groundbreaking clips from both Winsor McCay and Walt Disney. Extras continue with the Their Art section, which starts with Frank discussing the acting involved with bringing a character to life. Next up are a few clips with Andreas Deja and Glen Keane, two of Disney's top animators, as they dissect the famous duo's work from original sketches to completed scenes. For a view into the filmmaking process, look no further the Evolution of a Sequence section, where you can dissect different key moments of pre-production animation from a scene from The Rescuers. Also included is a lengthy outtakes reel plus two more sections dedicated to the artists' respected loves -- Ollie's trains and Frank's band, Firehouse Five Plus Two (which includes an actual performance from Jazz Scene USA). Special Features * cc "Making the Movie" * Frank & Ollie's personal home movies * Priceless outtakes with gems featuring Walt Disney and Glen Keane * Ollie and his backyard trains * Very rare performance with Frank and the Firehouse 5+2 from "Jazz Scene USA" * Frank & Ollie's debut scenes: "The Brave Little Tailor" and "Mickey's Elephant" * Extensive exploration of their art with expert commentary, storyboards, pencil sketches, and character studies * Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound * Widescreen (1.85:1) enhanced for 16 x 9 televisions

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