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It's satisfying to see a great show like United States of Tara go out on a high note. It's almost as if the writers knew they weren't going to get another chance, so they finally decided to focus on the show's dark center. Tara explored the lead character's dissociative identity disorder as an actual mental illness rather than what her son Marshall (the excellent Keir Gilchrist) sarcastically referred to as a "quirky" personality in one episode. The addition of Charmaine's baby also raised the stakes for the characters--do you really want to leave your baby with a mentally ill person? Toni Collette truly deserved an Emmy nomination for her season's work; she had even more personalities to play in this final season. On the other hand, it's easy to imagine Emmy voters scratching their heads over this series being called a comedy. Eddie Izzard joined the cast as a psychology teacher who decided he would be the one who would be able to "fix" Tara. For regular viewers, a lot of questions that you may have asked over the years got some satisfying answers, such as why does the put-upon Max (John Corbett) stay with Tara? Basically, this was the season where everyone got a chance to grow up and make big life-altering decisions--even Neil (Patton Oswalt), who finally stands up to both Max and Charmaine. And it was good to see the feisty Kate (Brie Larson) finally get a boyfriend worthy of her in the form of Keir O'Donnell (My Generation). Other than a photo gallery and bios of the characters, there are no extras here. Too bad creator Diablo Cody couldn't have given some insight into what might have come next for the Gregson clan.

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