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Four eccentrics talk about their seemingly diverse lives, interests, and offbeat occupations: Lion tamer Dave Hoover, following paths trod by his hero Clyde Beatty, offers some curious theories about wild animal thought processes; topiary gardener George Mendo clips hedges to create giraffes, bears, and other creatures; mole-rat specialist Ray Mendez researches the insect-like behavior of these hairless, buck-toothed mammals; robotics scientist Rodney Brooks assembles autonomous robots. Morris finds thematic connections relating the four. While Hoover and Mendo provide footnotes on the fading American scene, Mendez and Brooks look to the future. Contrasting viewpoints are edited into an essay on existence and the human condition, incorporating Morris's reflection on his recently departed parents.

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Features * cc Digitally mastered audio & anamorphic video * Widescreen presentation * English Dolby Surround * Bonus trailer * Interactive menus * Scene selection

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CO09307 Fast, Cheap, & Out of Control DVD (1997/Errol Morris) $14.95