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At the behest of his sexy-siren of a wife Edna, Sam Grover fakes his own death in order to defraud the insurance company out of a fortune. Under an assumed name, Sam takes refuge in a distant town and Edna promises to join him, once she collects the money. Sam's son Tom Grover, believes that his dad was murdered and hires shady private eye Huntington Stewart to investigate. Certain that Edna has collected the money, and tired of waiting to hear from his "widow," Sam sneaks home only to discover Edna making love to another man. The sexually-charged tinderbox explodes in blackmail, double-cross and murder! British-born character actor Wallace Ford is best known for his roles in B-movies including The Mysterious Mr. Wong (1934), The Ape Man (1943) and She Couldn't Say No (1954). In a busy career that would span over 200 films, he also appeared in some classic Hollywood productions most notably The Informer (1935), Of Mice And Men (1937), Spellbound (1945), Destry (1945) and A Patch Of Blue (1965).

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ALP6738 Shed No Tears DVD (1948/Wallace Ford) $5.99