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The mythical hero Samson takes on a power hungry overlord and an army of mercenaries who have seized power in the city of Sulom. Arrested by soldiers of the kingdom, he learns that the fair and peaceful Queen Mila is no longer in control. In her place are Romilda and the ruthless Warkalla. Although told that she has left her kingdom voluntarily, he suspects foul play. Samson discovers that Mila is being held in the palace dungeon, and that Warkalla is bent on discovering the location of the famed Treasure of Sulom. Forming an alliance with fellow strongmen and former adversaries, Samson challenges Warkalla during a gladiatorial competition, and must battle the king's fiercest men in order to rid Sulom of the murderous despot. Brad Harris and Alan Steel were mainstays in numerous Italian sword and sandal films of the sixties. Harris teamed up with director Gianfranco Parolini in many of these, as well as the Kommissar X series of spy films. Samson also features French pop singer and composer Serge Gainsbourg in the role of Warkalla.

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ALP4455 Samson DVD (1961/Brad Harris) $5.99