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In the Early Sound Era, talent from all over - veteran vaudevillians, musical icons, radio personalities, Broadway luminaries - performed in specialty shorts augmenting main features that packed moviehouses. One particular pack stood out: the amazingly trained tail-waggers of the 10 "All-Barkie" Dogville Comedies. Directed by Zion Myers and Jules White, these unusual attractions showcased creatively costumed "talking" dogs of various breeds and spoofed the noble and naughty behaviors of people. They pulled off grrrreat rrrriffs of the era's movies, from unquiet Western Front war heroics and Great Woof Way musical extravaganzas to Great Whelp Hunter jungle expeditions and Prison Pups breakout thrills. A nationwide theatre owners poll in 1930 rated the Dogvilles as the best short subjects over more legendary comedy and musical series. See if you agree, as you walk these dogs and unleash a whole lotta laughter.

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