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Paul Morrissey is known for directing for Andy Warhol a trilogy of films starring male sex icon Joe Dallesandro ("Flesh", "Trash", "Heat"). Morrissey took a break in-between "Trash" and "Heat" and directed "Women in Revolt", a showcase for the three drag queen Superstars of Warhol's Factory: Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, and Holly Woodlawn. Darling is a willowy blonde with a breathless voice; Curtis is a sassy brunette straight from the Bronx; and Woodlawn is an outrageous raven-haired vixen almost nominated for an Oscar the year before for "Trash". Of the three, Woodlawn unfortunately gets the least screen time, a shame given the heavy amount of talent she displayed in "Trash". But Darling and Curtis get a chance to steal the show after pairing up together in "Flesh" three years earlier. The storyline stems from the feminist movement of the 1970's: Candy, Jackie, and Holly are PIGs (Politically Involved Girls) who demand equality from their men and turn to lesbianism when they don't receive it. We witness their trials, tribulations, and eventual downfall by the time the movie has finished. Some viewers will see the end results of the feminist movement as pessimistic (women can't get along without men) or optimistic (women will continue to struggle on). Morrissey's trade-mark in-and-out focus camera stylings work well with the unbelievable plotline and performances by the leads.

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