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Producer/director Robert Youngson received an Oscar for his silent era film clip compilation THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMEDY (1957). MGM'S THE BIG PARADE OF COMEDY was another of the many montages Youngson created. Clips are augmented with modern sound effect and music tracks. CONTENTS: Silent comedy and thriller footage, plus behind the scenes at MGM circa 1927. This 20 minute segment includes samples of: "The Boob" (1926) with Joan Crawford, Fatty Arbuckle's "The Red Mill" (1927), "China Bound" (1929), "Detectives" (1928) and Buster Keaton's "The Cameraman" (1928). We leave the silent era with a clip of Charlie Chaplin getting an autograph from Marion Davies. The first sound segment is a "Coming Attraction" parody featuring Lupe Velez and Jimmy Durante as Schnarzan the Conqueror. Marie Dressler in "Reducing" (1931) and "Tugboat Annie" (1933) with co-star Wallace Beery. Jean Harlow: and Clark Gable in "Hold Your Man" (1933), with Franchot Tone in "Bombshell" (1933), with Lionel Barrymore in "The Girl from Missouri" (1934), with Cary Grant in "Suzy" (1936), with Robert Taylor in "Personal Property" (1937) and with Wallace Beery in "Dinner at Eight" (1933). Carole Lombard in a scene from "The Gay Bride" (1934). The 3 Stooges and Ted Healy, from 1934. W.C. Fields in "David Copperfield" (1935). In "Hollywood Party" (1934), Laurel & Hardy have an egg fight with Lupe Velez. The two do a kilted dance in "Bonnie Scotland" (1935). Clark Gable in "Too Hot to Handle" (1938). Brief glimpse of "The Philadelphia Story" (1940), with Hepburn and Grant. Robert Benchley shorts: "That Inferior Feeling," (1940), "How to Read" (1938) and "A Night at the Movies" (1937). "The Thin Man" (1934) and "After the Thin Man" (1936), with William Powell and Myrna Loy. Powell in "Love Crazy" (1941); Loy and Bert Lahr in "Meet the People" (1944). Abbott & Costello's giant washing machine scene from "Rio Rita" (1942). "A Southern Yankee" (1948) with Red Skelton is based on a Buster Keaton short. Greta Garbo's first comedy, "Ninotchka" (1939), plus skiing footage from her last movie, "Two-Faced Woman" (1941). An extended train chase segment from the Marx Bros. "Go West" (1940). Our comedy montage concludes with sight gags from several Pete Smith shorts, starring Dave O'Brien.

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