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Cinematographer turned director Ernest Dickerson returns to the horror genre with this African-American, urban twist on haunted house stories. Rap star Snoop Doggy Dogg makes his debut as a leading man in the title role of Jimmy Bones, stylish protector of a thriving inner-city neighborhood in 1979. When he refuses to knuckle under to powerful interests bent on introducing crack cocaine into his turf, Bones is betrayed by some of his own people, murdered, and buried in the basement of his gothic home. More than two decades later, the neighborhood is a drug and crime-infested nightmare, and Bones' decrepit, allegedly haunted domicile is about to become a hip-hop dance club. Although Bones' one-time girlfriend, Pearl (Pam Grier), and his right-hand man, Shotgun (Ronald Selmour), have remained loyal to his memory, the children of his traitor, Jeremiah (Clifton Powell), are the principal owners of the new club. They become the primary targets when Bones' vengeful spirit rises up to exact bloody retribution for past misdeeds.

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Special Features * Widescreen version of the film * Dolby Digital EX 5.1 Surround Sound * DTS ES 6.1 Surround Sound * Stereo Surround Sound * English subtitles and closed captions * Filmmaker commentary: Snoop Dogg, director Ernest Dickerson, screenwriter Adam Simon * Original documentaries: "Digging up Bones"; "Urban Gothic: Bones and Its Influences" * Deleted scenes with optional director commentary * Music video: "Dogg Named Snoop" standard version and version with exclusive concert footage * Theatrical press kit * Theatrical trailer * DVD-ROM features: * Script-to-Screen * Link to original website * Hot Spot

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