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The Charlie's Angels (Season 2) DVD features a number of action-packed episodes including the season premiere "Angels in Paradise" in which the angels are at first apprehensive about the arrival of a new angel in Jill's absence (she left the agency to become a racecar driver), but all their fears are assuaged when her replacement turns out to be Jill's younger sister Kris. Their first assignment - to rescue a kidnapped Charlie! To do so, they must travel to Hawaii where an international smuggler offers the angels Charlie's release in exchange for their aid in breaking her husband out of prison... Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "Circus of Terror" in which (similar to The A-Team) the angels are called in to help out a ringmaster who has been plagued by a number of attempts to ruin his circus, and "Game, Set, Death" in which Kris enters herself in a tennis tournament in order to get to the bottom of a string a mysterious murders... Below is a list of episodes included on the Charlie's Angels (Season 2) DVD: Episode 23 (Angels in Paradise: Part 1) Episode 24 (Angels in Paradise: Part 2) Episode 25 (Angels on Ice: Part 1) Episode 26 (Angels on Ice: Part 2) Episode 27 (Pretty Angels All in a Row) Episode 28 (Angel Flight) Episode 29 (Circus of Terror) Episode 30 (Angel in Love) Episode 31 (U.F.A.'s (Unidentified Flying Angels) Episode 32 (Angels on the Air) Episode 33 (Angel Baby) Episode 34 (Angels in the Wings) Episode 35 (Magic Fire) Episode 36 (The Sammy Davis Jr. Kidnap Caper) Episode 37 (Angels on Horseback) Episode 38 (Game, Set, Death) Episode 39 (Hours of Desperation) Episode 40 (Diamond in the Rough) Episode 41 (Angels in the Backfield) Episode 42 (The Sandcastle Murders) Episode 43 (Angel Blues) Episode 44 (Mother Goose is Running for Her Life) Episode 45 (Little Angels of the Night) Episode 46 (The Jade Trap) Episode 47 (Angels on the Run) Episode 48 (Antique Angels) By Britt Gillette "

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