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Two girls fall into the hands of sadistic ship-wrecking pirates, then make a deal with the Devil to get revenge in this bloody horror film from cult director Jean Rollin. Filmed in a strange, expressionistic manner, the film once again solidifies Rollin's place as France's master horror stylist, even if his storylines leave much to be desired. It appears to move in a sort of convoluted dream-logic, with artifice taking precedence over coherence for much of the running time. The final revenge sequences are hauntingly effective, and those viewers who can forget traditional expository technique and just go with the flow are likely to find it chilling and memorable. Those simply looking for perversity will find it here too, as Joelle Coeur pleasures herself to the sounds of torture on a deserted beach. Though not for all tastes, Rollin's films certainly offer something different to jaded horror fans.

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