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A hot tip leads police to a wild party where partially-clad society playgirl, Diane Wyman, entertains revelers with a wantonly seductive dance. A news photographer takes a snapshot of her, drunk, half-naked,and under arrest. The photo makes the front page, and the resultant public scandal costs Diane an inheritance due to a morals clause in her daddy's will. Broke and with nothing to lose, she boards a train bound for New Orleans, hoping to escape her troubles at the Mardi Gras. She befriends a fellow traveler, a hard-edged burlesque dancer named Marie, and her boyfriend Don Pedro, and soon the high life is back in full swing. But unbeknownst to Diane, Marie is being followed by a private detective, who knows her as the elusive criminal, "The Moth." Before she realizes it, Diane is at the center of trouble again, this time as a prime suspect in a jewelry heist!

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ALP5852 Moth DVD (1934/Duncan Renaldo) $5.99