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In four exciting episodes of the classic TV detective series, husband and wife Jerry and Pamela North (Richard Denning and Barbara Britton) get into dangerous situations, help solve crimes and, through it all, demonstrate the sophisticated wit and casual humor that made the show so popular. Flight 217: After helping their old friend Detective Paco try to solve a missing persons case in Mexico City, Jerry and Pamela North book their flight and head for the States, unaware that aboard their plane there is a time bomb ticking away in a piece of luggage. Murder for Sale: A flat tire during a drenching rainstorm leaves Jerry and Pam stranded late at night near a lonely house in the woods. A woman's muffled screams and a scrawled message on an upstairs bedroom window lure the couple inside where they discover a basement full of horrors. Two Faced: A notorious murderer visits Jerry North's neighborhood barbershop where the shop's manicurist recognizes the wanted man. She concocts a plan to blackmail the fugitive, but the plan backfires and the outcome turns deadly. Breakout: The warden of the State Penitentiary invites the Norths to interview a high-profile inmate for a possible book. During the visit a prison disturbance escalates into a frightening confrontation when Pamela and Jerry are taken hostage by a gang of desperate convicts.

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