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Police reporter Larry Doyle is targeted by Chicago gangsters for his highly-publicized role in helping bring them to trial. He's due to testify against them, but Mob boss Louis Padroni orders his goons to "get rid of him." Instead of bumping Doyle off, they knock him out and load him onto a southbound train. He awakens in the St. Louis station, dazed and penniless. Unable to afford a ticket back to the Windy City, Doyle pawns his specially engraved revolver - the very firearm he was awarded for helping bust the Chicago gang. The gun finds its way into Padroni's possession, who uses it to frame Doyle for a crime and keep him from testifying. A humorous, fast-paced crime saga with great performances and snappy dialogue, Man from Headquarters was a star vehicle for Frank Albertson, a hard-working actor normally cast in supporting roles. Some of his most notable appearances include A Connecticut Yankee (1931), Room Service (1938), It's a Wonderful Life (1946) and Psycho (1960). His co-star, Joan Woodbury, appeared in numerous Boston Blackie and Charlie Chan features, but her career peak was playing the title role in 1945's Brenda Starr, Reporter.

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