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Diary of a Lost Girl represents the second and final work of one of the cinema's most compelling collaborations: G. W. Pabst and Louise Brooks. Together with Pandora's Box (1928), Diary confirmed Pabst's artistry as one of the great directors of the silent period and established Brooks as an "actress of brilliance, a luminescent personality and a beauty unparalleled in screen history." (Kevin Brownlow, The Parade's Gone By)

Brooks, in a delicately restrained performance, plays the na´ve daughter of a prosperous pharmacist. Shy and fawnlike, the wide-eyed innocent is made pregnant by her father's young assistant. To preserve family honor, she is sent to a repressive reform school from which she eventually escapes. Penniless and homeless, she is directed to a brothel where she becomes liberated and lives for the moment with radiant physical abandon.

This Kino on Video version of Diary of a Lost Girl has been mastered from a new restoration of the film made by the Cineteca di Bologna which adds approximately seven minutes of previously censored footage never seen in the United States. An evocative new score has been added by Joseph Turrin.

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Rare 1930 Louise Brooks short film, Windy Riley Goes Hollywood
Dir. William Goodrich (aka Roscoe Arbuckle). U.S. 18 mins. B&W. 1.33:1

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