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The Hunting of the President, a documentary examining the Republican campaign to discredit Bill Clinton's presidency, unfolds like a paranoid thriller--made all the more astonishing by scrupulous documentation and an impressive breadth of interviews with journalists, lawyers, political analysts, judges, newspaper editors, and many of the people caught up in the Whitewater scandal--which, after an expense of many millions of dollars and several years of investigation, failed to find any criminal act. The relentless efforts of Clinton's enemies grow into an appalling abuse of power, ultimately resulting in his impeachment (but not his removal from office). This documentary, like those of Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11), uses brief clips from Hollywood movies and television to give a boost to the narrative; this could seem cloying, but The Hunting of the President presents such an impressive barrage of facts and perspectives that it earns some moments of flippancy.

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Special Features Trailer President Clinton Speaks After the Premiere Screening

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