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Everyone in a small resort town thinks Rollo Smith is famed aviator Robert Story. That's fine with Rollo, who's actually a penniless newspaperman bounced from his job. Doe-eyed cuties want to be near him. Stalwart men celebrate him. And all Rollo has to do is compete in the upcoming aviation contest. But an airplane and Buckingham Palace are one and the same to Rollo: he's never been in either. Wide-mouthed Joe E. Brown plays Rollo in a chipper comedy whose set pieces include Rollo's self-devised aerial training (using a teetering Murphy bed, a vacuum cleaner, an electric fan - it's all in the seeing, not the telling.) William A. Seiter (Sons of the Desert) directs this wild tale of a fish out of water who takes to the skies.

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WAA25609 Going Wild DVD (1930/Joe E Brown) $14.99