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Prisoner is an Australian television soap opera which was set in the Wentworth Detention Centre, a fictional women's prison. The themes of the show were often radical, including feminism, homosexuality and social reform. When the series launched in 1979, the press advertising used the line "if you think prison is hell for a man, imagine what it's like for a woman". The series examined in detail the way in which women dealt with incarceration and separation from their families. Within the walls of the prison, the major themes of the series were the interpersonal relationships between the prisoners, the power struggles, friendships and rivalries. To a certain extent, the misfits who found themselves within the walls of the Wentworth Detention Centre became each other's family, with Bea Smith (see below) as a mother figure. Several lesbian characters were featured throughout the show's run, notably prisoners Franky Doyle and Judy Bryant, along with prison officer Joan Ferguson. A collection of 12 of the most memorable episodes--including installments from the program's early years, the Wentworth terrorist siege saga and the final four shows from the series--have been collected in a three-disc set.

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Special Features The best and most memorable episodes from the cult classic series Interview with Val Lehman (Bea Smith) Interview with Anne Phelan (Myra Desmond) Interview with casting director Jan Russ Photo galleries of continuity Polaroids

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