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From director Hideo Nakata (The Ring, The Ring 2), Japan's modern sensei of suspense, comes an ingenious and hypnotic thriller of unrelenting intensity. After a successful Japanese businessman's ravishing trophy wife (The Ring's Miki Nakatani) vanishes, sadistic and taunting ransom demands arrive and the police are summoned. As the true nature of the stakes for the captor (Masato Hagiwara) and his captive unfolds, Chaos fluidly transforms from a precision neo-noir into a macabre and shocking thriller and ultimately into a lurid, intoxicating sexual gothic. Neither pleading eyes nor bound wrists, a bandaged hand nor a shallow grave are what they seem as each step Chaos takes leads to a suspenseful threshold more perilous and unpredictable than the last. In Chaos, Nakata effortlessly and legitimately invokes genre classics like Les Diaboliques and Vertigo while crafting a sleekly diabolical puzzle as audaciously constructed and narratively extravagant as Memento or Run Lola Run. Unsettling, riveting, hallucinatory, suspenseful, and erotic, Chaos is masterful contemporary entertainment that breaks new ground with every twist.

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