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hopgirl Emmy Grant meets handsome doorman John O'Ryan outside of a theater and is convinced that he is her true love. O'Ryan is a zealous medical student, soon to be a pediatrician, and is oblivious to Emmy's frantic attempts to gain his attention. O'Ryan is totally focused on babies. Undaunted, she "borrows" a baby and a buggy, determined to catch her man. Charles Starrett stars in this lost depression-era romantic comedy gem. Co-star Irene Hervey appeared in many fine films including Destry Rides Again (1939), Night Monster (1948) and Mr. Peabody And The Mermaid (1948). Vaudeville star Irene Franklin plays Emmy's mother and performs her signature showtune "Redhead." The fine supporting cast includes Bernadene Hayes and H.B. Warner, star of Cecil B. DeMille's King Of Kings (1927). Veteran actor Bert Lytell directed.

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ALP5764 Along Came Love DVD (1930/Irene Hervey/Charles Starrett) $5.99