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Hollywood Boulevard intersects Broadway in this lively collection of classic shorts from the Paramount Studios. In the late 1920s and early '30s -- when the movie industry was just learning to talk -- Paramount wisely turned to the New York stage for a new crop of entertainers who had already mastered the nuances of verbal comedy. This anthology serves as a laugh-filled time capsule of the brightest lights of vaudeville, showcasing the early works of such American legends as Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Burns & Allen, Eddie Cantor, and George Jessel (who originated the lead role of The Jazz Singer on stage). It also provides a fascinating historical record of some of the stage legends who have begun to fade from memory, including Lulu McConnell, Tom Howard, and Smith & Dale (the inspiration for Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys). Also included are Lighthouse Love and Cleaning Up, a pair of Mack Sennett comedies that disprove the myth that sound technology destroyed the slapstick tradition. This DVD reveals three incarnations of a popular subgenre of slapstick, "the home-builder's nightmare": The Plasterers, Plastered, and A Put Up Job. Watching the three films together (made in 1929, 1930, and 1931), one can follow the evolution of vaudeville slapstick to its own truly cinematic form. Contents: * Fit to be Tied (1930, w/ George Burns & Gracie Allen) * Getting a Ticket (1929, w/ Eddie Cantor) * A Broadway Romeo (1931, w/ Jack Benny) * What Price, Pants? (1931, w/ Smith & Dale) * It Might be Worse (1931, w/ George Jessel) * Sing, Bing, Sing! (1933, w/ Bing Crosby) * The Introduction of Mrs. Gibbs (1930, w/ Lulu McConnell) * The African Dodger (1930, w/ Tom Howard) * Cleaning Up (1930, w/ Chester Conklin, Mack Swain, Gibson Gowland) * The Plasterers (1929, w/ Charles O'Donnell & Jack Blair) * Plastered (1930, w/ Willie, West & McGinty) * A Put Up Job (1931, w/ Karl Dane and George K. Arthur) * Lighthouse Love (1932, w/ Franklin Pangborn, Mack Swain, Ben Turpin) * Breaking Even (1932, w/ Tom Howard) 100% Service (1931, w/ George Burns & Gracie Allen) * Poppin' the Cork (1933, w/ Milton Berle - An Educational Pictures Production)

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