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THE CHARLEY CHASE COLLECTION II, an all-new DVD bringing six two-reelers (all between 20 and 25 minutes-long) and an eight-minute, special-feature montage about Chase's life and his slapstick work. Having worked in front and behind the cameras, Charley Chase became famous for starring in comedies populated with surreal misunderstandings originating from mundane situations. Known as the master of the comedy of embarrassment, Charlie Chase's nonchalant mannerisms, as well as his good looks, made him one of the most seductive silent-comedy heroes of the 20s. Here are some of the many shorts available in this second Charlie Chase DVD collection: SHINE 'EM UP (1922), HIS WOODEN WEDDING (1925), ISN'T LIFE TERRIBLE (1925), INNOCENT HUSBANDS (1925) and DOG SHY (1926). * His Wooden Wedding (1925) 19 min. * Isn't Life Terrible (1925) 24 min. * Innocent Husbands (1925) 24 min. * Dog Shy (1926) 23 min. * Bromo and Juliet (1926) 22 min. BONUS SHORTS: * Shine 'Em Up (1922) 15 min. * A Charley Chase Biography (2004) 8 min. A special montage (in English) about Chase's life, narrated by Serge Bromberg and directed by Eric Lange.

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