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Bermuda Triangle: Director Rene Cardona Jr. has managed to make a very convincing horror tale set square in the Bermuda Triangle – still one of the greatest mysteries on Earth. This place, which has reportedly swallowed up hundreds of ships, planes and human lives without even a trace, now reached out to devour the Marvin family and their crew of underwater photographers and sailors who have come to photograph the ruins of a sunken city. Once in the grip of the Triangle, the crew begins to experience bizarre happenings, starting with the reception of a radio broadcast from a ship which disappeared a hundred years ago! Then follows a series of absurd and horrible accidents and one-by-one the passengers and crew begin to die or disappear. Cyclone: The peaceful waters of the Caribbean turn chaotic when a cyclone forces a commercial passenger plane to crash into the ocean. Most of the passengers survive the crash and leave the plane before it sinks. Being picked up by the survivors of a boat wreck in a smaller boat seems “the answer.” Soon things turn from fear to madness – food and water supplies depleting and nothing but shark infested waters for miles cause the situation to look grim. Lost at sea and losing hope for a rescue, they must decide what to eat to stay alive.

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UE6303 Bermuda Triangle/Cyclone DVD (1978/77/Carroll Baker/John Huston) $9.99