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Boris Karloff stars as James Lee Wong in this thoughtful, action-packed mystery. The film gets off to a shocking start when Chinese Princess Lin Hwa (Lotus Long) makes an urgent visit to Wong's home where she is suddenly killed by a poisonous dart. Wong, together with hard-boiled Captain Street (Grant Withers) and ace reporter "Bobbie" Logan (Marjorie Reynolds) piece together a mysterious puzzle that involves airplane smuggling and international intrigue. Mr. Wong in Chinatown was the third in a successful string of Monogram features that began in 1938 with Mr. Wong, Detective and continued with The Mystery of Mr. Wong (1939), The Fatal Hour (1940), Doomed to Die (1940) and Phantom of Chinatown, with Keye Luke as Mr. Wong (1940).

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ALP6315 Mr. Wong In Chinatown DVD (1939/Boris Karloff) $5.99