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Fires roar across New York City, and the police and fire departments are unable to track down the criminals who started them. Fireman Bill O'Connell passes up a big promotion so he can join the Arson Squad to solve the crimes. Just as his detective work leads him to mobster Bud Morgan, O'Connell has a falling out with Commissioner Benton and abruptly quits the squad. He meets up with Morgan, convincing the thug that he wants to get even with Benton by joining the arsonists. When Morgan discovers that the ex-fireman is secretly working to get the goods on him, he sets up a fiery trap. Robert Livingston, the star of Arson Racket Squad, was better known as a screen cowboy. He portrayed masked heroes in The Vigilantes Are Coming (1936), The Bold Cabalero (1936), and The Lone Ranger Rides Again (1939). He also had leading roles in two long-running cinema series, The Three Mesquiteers and The Lone Rider.

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ALP5939 Arson Racket Squad DVD (1938/Robert Livinsgton) $5.99