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A thriller to keep you wide awake in mesmerizing hi-def from the director of The Dark Knight and Inception. Invited to Nightmute, Alaska, to head a murder case, a veteran LAPD detective finds his investigation disrupted by an ever-shining midnight sun that wreaks sleep-depriving havoc on him – and by personal guilt over a second crime that may be real...or a figment of his increasingly unstable consciousness. Director Christopher Nolan (whose other credits include Memento and Batman Begins) crafts another jolting psychological thriller to remember, guiding Academy Award winners* Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank in Insomnia. In the season of the midnight sun, no one – and no secret – can forever hide.

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Special Features: Additional Scene 2 Commentaries: Director Christopher Nolan (Commentary in Order of Shooting Sequence),Hilary Swank, Production Designer Nathan Crowley, Editor Dody Dorn,Cinematographer Wally Pfister and Screenwriter Hillary Seitz 4 Featurettes: Day for Night: Making the Movie 180°: A Conversation with Christopher Nolan and Al Pacino In the Fog: Cinemtography and Production Design Eyes Wide Open: The Insomniac’s World Stills Gallery,Theatrical Trailer

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BRWA20647 Insomnia Blu Ray DVD (2002/Al Pacino) $19.98