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After thrice failing at the box office, future Hong Kong cinema behemoth Tsui Hark has his first bona fide success with this wildly popular slapstick spoof on Hollywood gangster and detective flicks. Yoho (George Lam) is a private dick on the skids who thinks that his luck is about change with his latest case. Soon, however, he finds himself ensnared in a brouhaha between notorious gangster Ah Capone (Karl Maka) who is plotting to bilk an aged millionaire out of his highly valued stocks. As Yoho bumbles from one situation to the next, he crosses paths with a variety of shady characters including a beautiful femme fatal (Kelly Yiu) and a hired gun known only as Popeye (Eric Tsang). Along the way, he gets help from his diminutive childhood chum Chief Inspector Robin (Teddy Robin Kwan). Director Moshen Makhmalbaf has earned a reputation as one of Iranís greatest filmmakers; his movies display a fantastic visual flair while confronting a variety of serious social issues. Makhmalbaf tackles the issues of poverty and the way people exploit one another in this arresting and visually sophisticated work.

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TS2013 All the Wrong Clues For the Right Solution DVD (1981/Tsui Hark) $29.95